Camp Rules

1. Each camper is expected to show respect while at camp; this includes respecting the Staff, other campers and Camp Illiana personnel.

2. We are a no-prank camp.
• No water, rubber band, or shaving cream fights. Any equipment brought for such purposes is to be
taken up and held until the end of camp. (If we have a water fight, it will be organized and

3. Only the nurse is to dispense medicine.

4. No one is to leave the campgrounds without permission.

5. These places are off limits:
• Opposite sex dorms
• Same sex dorms – except when invited and accompanied by one who lives there

6. Proper conduct must be observed at all times; no touching of a sexual nature is permitted. All are expected to maintain purity in their attitude and behavior while at camp.

7. No horseplay or rough housing that has the potential to be dangerous or harmful is permitted. Everyone should think of how an “innocent” starting action can escalate to a tragic end. Some guidelines to follow:
• No picking someone up as is done in wrestling. This could easily result in injury.
• If anyone gets angry, stop immediately.
• Consider the differences in body strengths and sizes.
• No horseplay on top of bunks.
• A “stop” or “no” response by anyone must be respected and obeyed.

8. All shorts or skirts must TOUCH THE KNEECAP. All shirts or tops must have modest necklines and
armholes and cover the midriff while raising the arms over your head. Tank tops and midriffs are NOT
permitted. Clothing should not have logos or messages that are indecent. Female clothing should include
proper undergarments and SHOULD NOT BE TIGHT-FITTING or revealing (for example: spandex
clothing). Your dorm counselor is the final authority.

Additional clothing guidance for specific camp activities is given below:
a. Swimming attire: includes dark shorts, a dark T-shirt (you may be swimming in a pool)
b. Sports/Big Event: no flip-flops
c. Airsoft: long pants

9. Body piercing is not acceptable. The only exception is women’s earrings. Men may not wear earrings or similar jewelry.

10. No food in the dorms. All food purchased is to be eaten outside of dorms. This is an Illiana
Campground rule.

11. Do not open closed doors during Devo sessions.

12. All must obey the rules of the campground.

13. All camper cell phones, radios, two-way radios, stereos, recorders, MP3/4 players, electronic games or are not to be brought to camp. If necessary, they will be taken up and held until the end of camp.

14. Campers’ cars are to be left parked and locked at all times with keys turned in at registration.

15. Shoes must be worn at all times outside of the dorms.

16. Nametags must be visibly worn around the neck when outside the dorm.

17. Remain on schedule at all times. You are to attend and be on time to all activities.

18. All campers are expected to fully participate in the scheduled activities, and no camper is to be in the dorms during activity/Bible class times – without Nurse or Camp Director permission.

19. Improper behavior, including failure to comply with the above rules, may result in a camper being sent home before the end of camp.