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Acceptance and Waiting List
Q – When will I know if I am accepted or on the waiting list?
A – All notifications, both acceptance and waiting list, are emailed on or about May 1. Please do not contact us for this information unless it is well beyond this date. Be on the lookout for the notice.

Q – If I am on the waiting list, can I contact the Camp to see what my chances are of getting in?
A – No, please do not contact us. We have no way of knowing when and if an opening will occur. We will contact you when we have an opening and you will have a specified time limit to accept or reject.

Q – If I am on the waiting list, does contacting the Camp increase my chances of getting in?
A – No, please do not contact us. We will contact you when we have an opening and you will have a specified time limit to accept or reject.

Q – If I am on the waiting list and I know of a camper who has to cancel, can I contact the Camp to get that vacancy?
A – No please do not contact us. We have several criteria that determine how we fill vacancies. 

Q – If the payment for the Camp fees has cleared the credit card company or the bank, does this mean that I am accepted into the Camp?
A – No! We process all payments in a timely way. Everyone will be notified as to whether they are accpeted or on the waiting list. All who are not ultimately accepted will receive a full refund.  For money and refunds, See Money! (next topic)

Q – When should all of the money be paid?
A – It is preferable that you pay all of the money with via Paypal at the time of your online application. If you choose to pay by check, be sure to mail it in promptly. You are not considered registered until the registration fee is paid in full.

Q – If I am not accepted, will I get all of my money back?
A – Yes! Refunds are usually sent to you by the middle of June.

Q – If I decide not to go to Camp, can I get a full refund?
A – Yes, if we are notified by May 15. If we are notified after May 15 and before June 10, you will receive a $50 refund. There are no refunds issued after June 10th. Please be thoughtful of other campers who are waiting to get in. Notify us promptly if you are not coming to the Camp. 

Specific Requests:
Q – Should I request to be on a specific society or with another camper on a specific society?
A – Please do not.  You could be on any one of 6 societies and have the opportunity to make new friends.

Q – Should I ask to be with a specific camper in a craft/activity?
A – Please do not. This is another opportunity to make new friends.

Q – Should I ask to be with a specific camper in a cabin?
A – Please do not.  Again, this is another opportunity to make new friends.

Dress Code
Q – Is there a dress code that requires generally longer and looser fitting clothes than is currently popular?
A – Generally, yes! Our dress code is not totally based upon the current trends but a collective judgment as to what is modest and what will work the best for one week for campers from a wide range of views. Please plan your clothes in view of our guidelines. Click here for Conduct and Dress Code


Q – Can I visit my child or friends during the Camp?
A – No, we do not allow visitors to the campground.

Q – What are the phone privileges at the Camp?
A –No, there are no phone privileges at   We require that cell phones not be used at Camp becaause we want all campers to be fully involved in the Camp activities.

Q – When will the nurse be available for a consultation in regards to any special medical needs?
A – The nurses will be available during Check In on Sunday afternoon. 

Suitability of the Camp
Q – What if my child is a loner, is the Camp suitable for them?
A – All campers are expected to be fully involved on some level in all of our activities. That is to say that the daily major events are not optional but mandatory. There is some free time dispersed throughout the day to be by yourself if you want, but one of the major benefits of the Camp is learning how to interact with others and making new friends. We understand that not all children are as adept in this area as others and we try to help the less sociable camper to be fully involved in the Camp. Therefore we request that all parents discuss thoughtfully with their child whether Camp is for them. A child who is unwilling to interact with others will not be able to take advantage of the major strengths of the Camp.

Q – What if my child is prone to be homesick, is the Camp suitable for them?
A – Homesickness is common for many children especially if it is their first away from home experience. It is our experience that the following can help:

Before Camp, begin to reassure your child that nothing important will change while they are away from home. You will know right where they are and will be there to pick them up after Camp. Note: It is important for you to be on time to pick them up. Reassure them that they, with their counselors help, will be able to take care of their needs.

Be positive and optimistic with your child knowing that this is just one of many stages of growing into a mature loving person.

Please know that if the situation dictates, we will feel free to call you for advice.


  1. Clothes – please read the camp rules, plus swimming attire, which includes shorts and a dark-colored T-shirt (you may be swimming in a pool)
  2. Personal hygiene and bath toiletries, including bath towel(s)
  3. Bedding: sleeping bag or sheets & blanket and your pillow
  4. Bible
  5. Personal medications
  6. Spending money (optional—for canteen items or candy grams)
  7. Flashlight
  8. Activity Extras: If you signed up for Paintball/Airsoft, you will need to bring some old jeans–no shorts for this activity.
  9. Activity Extras: If you signed up for other special activities, please bring the items needed (i.e. craft supplies)

*NOTE: You will be spending 5 days in air-conditioned dorms with less personal space than you have at home. Pack as lightly as possible. If you question whether or not to bring an item, leave it home.


  1. Camper cell phones, radios, two-way radios, stereos, MP3 players, DVD players, computers and electronic games are not to be brought to camp. (The only exception is: cell phones for those who drive themselves to camp—these will be taken up and held until the end of camp.
  2. Food—unless you receive special permission for medical reasons-this will be kept in the kitchen (NO FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE CABINS!!!)
  3. Water guns, balloons, etc. are not allowed
  4. Fireworks of any kind are prohibited
  5. Jewelry, expensive watches, rings or other valuables should not be brought. The cabins will not be locked.


Staffing – The Camp has two nurses who serve as first aid volunteers and administer medication schedules.

Local medical facilities – The Camp uses the medical facilities (hospital and medical clinic) in and around the area to treat all medical emergencies that require something more than first aid.

In the event of a medical emergency requiring more than first aid, we will contact the camper’s parents using the information that the parent’s have provided.

Medications:  All medications that are brought to Camp must be listed on the Camper’s Medical Form and in their original containers with pharmacy label.

All medications will be administered only by the nurses.

Insurance – All campers are covered by an accidental insurance policy. The amount of coverage is small and intended only to cover the cost of office visits and simple emergency care. All medical costs not covered by this policy are the responsibility of the camper’s parents/guardians. All campers must submit a completed Medical Form as part of the registration process. If you are bringing medication to camp you must check it  in with the nurse at registration on Sunday.