Camp Information


The Florida College Indiana Camp is dedicated to two purposes.

  1. Creating an environment where good kids can get better by following the principles of Christ in all that we say and do.
  2. Promoting the advantages of attending Florida College, where Christian values are practiced and supported. For information on Florida College go to

There is a strong emphasis on our relationship with God. The daily camp schedule includes fun activities for everyone: devotions, Bible classes, crafts, and sports. Additionally, campers have an opportunity to interact with counselors and FC Camp Friends who are dedicated to communicating the joy of Christian living in this unique setting.  This Florida College camp is set up much like Florida College.  Buildings are named after Florida College buildings, we also have an Alpha Club to help campers move in and to be workers for camp when needed,


Kids ages 9 through 19 (graduation year) as of August 1st

If you have a young child, please carefully consider whether or not they are ready to be away from you for an entire week before registering him or her.


Camp will be held at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center in Trafalgar, Indiana from July 1-6, 2018

Location of Campground

Indiana FFA Leadership Center
6595 S. 125 W.
Trafalgar, IN 46181


First Camper in Family –  $240.00 + $25.00 membership dues = $265.00
Second Camper in Family –  $230.00
Third or More Campers in Family –  $220.00


Early Registration for Greater Indiana Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell members opens March 3, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. (EST). Being a member of the Greater Indiana Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell allows family members to have early registration.

Non-Member Registration opens April 1, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (EST).

Due to campers registering so quickly and to not overbook the housing, campers will continue to be on a waiting list until they receive an ACCEPTANCE LETTER stating they are fully registered.

  • registration complete
  • paid in full
  • acceptance letter received
To make payment quicker and easier, we will take payments via PayPal.  We also accept cash or checks.


Policy for Accepting Campers

The policy for accepting Florida College Indiana Camp (FCIC) campers will be in this order:

1)  If a camper attended FCIC last year (2017) and they register/pay within the first week, they are guaranteed a spot for 2018.

2)  If a potential camper was on the FCIC waiting list last year (2017) and did not get to go to camp and they register/pay within the first week, they will have the second highest priority for a spot for 2018.

3)  If a camper attended FCIC last year (2017) and they register/pay within the first week, their siblings will be given third highest priority for a spot for 2018.

4) Remaining camper spots will be distributed based upon order of registration.

Camp Opening & Closing

Registration: 1:30 p.m. – Sunday afternoon 
(Check In 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.)

Closing: 11:00 a.m. – Friday morning 

Camper Pick-up Policy
If you need to pick up your child at some other time than the scheduled closing time on Friday morning, please notify us in advance. Then you must first come to the directors; identify yourself and inform us that your child will be leaving. We will only release the child to a parent or an adult that has been properly authorized by a parent.

Visitors to Campground

We do not allow parents or others to visit during the week of camp.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation:

Full Refund by May 15th
$50 Refund by June 10th
No Refund after June 10th

Lost & Found

Please contact us promptly after camp, preferably by email at indianafcboosters@gmail. com.  Items are only kept a short amount of time.

Contact Information

Jon Babcock’s cell phone #:  317-408-0642
Lea Anne Babcock’s cell phone #: 317-502-3525